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"At first I loved Natsu, but after 396 chapters without seeing any character development makes me very boring to see him."

Anonymous asked ;  
To that anon, Fairy Tail is in no way a children show. I mean, I don't remember children's shows having large amounts of fanservice and a character who gets naked every chance he gets
Anonymous asked ;  
Fairy Tail lost its charm. It now feels like an animanga for children and not for teens anymore.

This isn’t really the blog to confess this too…

"I think Erza should be drawn with more muscle. She is kind of a warrior after all, but I don’t really think she looks like one."

I think Mira should be the next guild master. 1. Because there should be another female guild master, 2. She spends the most time with Makarov (besides Laxus but I want him to be a wizard saint), 3. She gets along with everybody, 4. She caring, motherly, and smart, 5. She’s badass”

"I think the magic circles in the old anime are beautiful and a nice touch to the magic world."

"No matter what anyone says, I miss those magic circles from the original anime"

"Fairy Tail is in dire need of more boyxboy"

I refuse to believe that after all the help Ultear gave she will be forgotten and left to die alone. If this manga has any values, her friends will try to find a way to reverse the side effects of her magic, or at least keep her company at her end, they owe her.”

"After reading the omake chapter involving Asuka, I believe Natsu would be a great dad and is a lot kinder and smarter than he initially seems."

"I sometimes find myself cheering for the villains because I feel bad for how terrible their getting beaten by fairy tail."