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"I really wish I had Wendy’s wardrobe. Her clothes are just the cutest!"

"I wish I had somebody who would jump in the air to save me like Natsu always does with Lucy. Its so sweet and awesome on Natsu’s part!!"

Mirajane is so beautiful! & Rouge is so hot! I don’t ship Rouge with anyone because I’m too obsessed with him, but if I HAD to.. I’d pick Mira! I love everything about her! It may be a maaaaaajor crack pairing but I find it kind of cute, I wish they knew each other better :3”

This might be odd but I think Pantherlilly is the male genderbender cat of Luna from sailor moon. I mean his scar is shaped like a moon he’s black the only difference is the little bit of white on him oh yeah they both can talk”

"I REALLY want to see Gray with his hair tied up. Pigtails, pony tail, braid, whatever. He’ll look super cute, I just know it!"

I ship Erza with all the males! Seriously! There was a time where I shipped her with Cobra of all my options. I think it is because there are so many sides to Erza, that makes her cabable with nearly everyone.”

Anonymous asked ;  
This isn't a confession or a question. I just want you to know, that you have done an amazing job with these confessions, and we are many that apreciates your efforts.... Thank you!

oh my gosh i’m sorry i didn’t see this earlier. thank you so much though, messages like these really keep me motivated.

The fandom is really ruining Gray for me. Outside of tumblr all I see are Gray fans denouncing the wonderful development Natsu, Lucy, and Erza have gotten to make him look better. Whenever Natsu and Erza get decent panel time for a chapter i’ve seen Gray fans complain saying how Natsu and Erza are Hiro’s favorites and they get too much panel time blah blah blah but in all actuality Gray has gotten twice the focus/panel time Erza has had these past couple arcs and Natsu is THE MAIN CHARACTER for christs sake. I don’t want to dislike Gray but with how some fans treat him sometimes like he’s the only thing this manga has left going for it make me want to bash my head in.”

"My ringtone is always the latest Fairy Tail opening."

"I think the very idea of the "big 4" couples is kind of silly."