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"I think Team Natsu secretly likes Erza’s disciplinarian/mom attitude because none of them have a mom to do that anymore."

"genuinely upset that gildarts still isnt back in the fairy tail story"

"The Erza and Lucy spinoff will probably be the dorkiest thing ever. I can’t wait."

I really want to ship Gale. I just wish they’d actually acknowledge the fact that he tortured her, at least in an internal monologue or through a comment by another character. It seems like a lot of people have forgotten about that or just swept it under the rug of squee.”

"I used to ship Erza and Gray so hard before Jellal showed up."

I don’t think any of the ships should become canon. It’s nice to see them, maybe read some fanfiction, but overall I hope they never do. I just can’t picture them like that.”

"I don’t think we’ve seen half of the bonds the guild members have with one another - especially Erza. I’ve only now realized how great friends Bisca was with Erza."

"I used to think maybe Eve and Wendy would be cute but then after the time skip Eve is 23…. That’s Laxus’ age…"

"I hate Minerva’s eyebrows."

I’m so fascinated by how Mashima can come up with all these awesome story arcs. Like how he creates all the themes and plot twists and antagonists and all that stuff! It’s just really cool in my opinion and he never fails to make me fall in love with Fairy Tail and the characters even more.”