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"With all the main ships there are (like the big four) I wonder if in the end, they will all become canon or if just one will be."

"Sting ‘s smile is everything"

You know I think Gray doesn’t only have a harsh past, his present is going really hard on him too. Like c’mon, losing your father, the same father for the second time? That’s rough luck man. Hope his future shines brighter for him.”

"Everyone is always saying how they cried during Erza or Gray’s backstory but the only one that made me cry is Mirajane’s."

"I hate the voice of Wendy in the funimation dub. It doesn’t work. And most of the other voices for my favorite characters are also terrible. I’ll take subbed anime over dubbed anyday."

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would you ever get an admin for this blog or do you like running it on your own?

I went into explanation here.

Maybe in the future I will, depends on when I have time. :)

I haven’t gotten to the Tartarus arc yet, but what I’ve heard of it makes it seem like Mashima is building up to the end of Fairy Tail. And honestly, while I love the series, I would rather it ended before it jumps the shark.”

"I really liked the 5th OVA mainly because of how cute Jellal was in it. He would get so embarrassed with Erza and it was just adorable!"

Fan shipping is fine and all, but it’s a pain seeing how 99% of Fairy Tail dialogue in the fandom is about NaLu, GrUvia, JeRza, and GaLe. It doesn’t help that Mahima gives fuel to the fire by throwing out random ‘ship moments’. The only reason why I’m still in the fandom is because I love the show more than I hate the shipping.”

"To the people who claim Natsu is innocent- that is bullshit and we all know it."